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Friday, March 29, 2013

Drumroll please: Tweeps to follow and blogs to read

I recently wrote an article on experiences of ethnic minority women writing online. I started by sharing my own experiences, as an ethnic minority woman, of writing for the Guardian's Comment is Free. I discussed how I had felt dismissed and ignored based on both my sex and race. I wanted to find out if other ethnic minority women had had similar experiences when writing online.

In the process, I came across some excellent writers and blogs - sharing the list here!

Writer, critic, broadcaster and 2013 International Reporting Project New Media Fellow. 4th book, Beyond the Wall: Writing A Path Through Palestine, out now.
Twitter: @bidisha_online
Blog: http://www.bidisha-online.blogspot.co.uk/

Huma Qureshi
Freelance journalist. Stuff in Guardian mostly but not always. Hear me on the BBC Asian Network every Thursday.
Twitter: @Huma_Qureshi
Blog: http://www.herlittleplace.com/

Huma Yusuf
Pakistani columnist, policy analyst and media researcher. Made it to @foreignpolicy's list of top 100 'Womerati'.
Twitter: @humayusuf

Ritu Mahendru
Sexual Health Researcher, Founder of SASH (@sash_forum), Activist, Feminist, Opinion Writer and Avid Cyclist
Twitter: @ritumahendru
Blog: http://mishtimli.wordpress.com/

Sam Ambreen
Empowerment. Tried to give peace a chance.. It was just a dream some of us had #FemBloc #OnlineWimminMobAndProud
Twitter: @SamAmbreen
Blog: http://samambreen.wordpress.com/

Soraya Chemaly
Writer of feministy things. Usually about gender absurdities in media, religion, pop culture & politics. Rather laugh than cry while doing it! HuffPo & others.
Twitter: @schemaly
Blog: http://sorayachemaly.tumblr.com/

Stephanie Phillips
Twitter: @Stephanopolus
Blog: http://dontdanceherdownboys.wordpress.com/

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