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Friday, November 19, 2010


Welcome to feminist-sphere - a minuscule extra terrestrial digital zone where you can openly declare your affiliation to feminism, talk excitedly about the glorious history of feminism, dream of a world of gender role reversals, spit it out like you never have before or even just crib about how no one wants to be 'labelled' a 'feminist anymore!

Doesn't matter whether you are a liberal feminist, a Marxist feminist, a radical feminist or a Islamic feminist - the whole point of this blog is to create a space for dialogue within feminism (yes, there aren't that many!). Interaction and participation is all this is about - so flare up some good old feminist fires and get spitting!

To cut a long story short, if you are a self-proclaimed feminist, this is the place to be! Discuss, debate, enjoy!

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